Safeguarding sensitive and high-profile facilities is a mission-critical task for any organization. How can managers and operators ensure the security of their facilities in a world of changing threats? How can protective force personnel train effectively in a world of limited budgets?

ADEPT: Next-generation security simulation software for facility protection:


Analysis. The product of this dynamic team is a simulation tool that greatly enhances any protective force's ability to interrupt and neutralize potential threats before grave harm is brought to our client's secured interests. This is particularly important at the nuclear weapons production and storage facilities, where the ADEPT Simulations team has significant experience. However, this capability is also of great importance to the critical infrastructure of any client with security assets that need protection.

Decision Evaluation. Simple "compliance" with prescribed regulations or common security practice is not an option in today's security environment. In the current climate of the ongoing war on terrorism, understanding protection system "performance" is critical to management decision-making. Today, decision makers must weigh the heavy burden of security cost against the very real potential threat.

Presentation. Our experience has shown that both senior managers and stakeholders need to understand security management decisions and real word performance of protection programs. Gaining the support of the public, government, or corporate decision makers is critical in maintaining a vigilant and effective security program. The visual presentation of the ADEPT Security Platform is exceptionally effective in presenting in very clear terms just how well protective forces perform against postulated adversary threats.

Training. Though the ADEPT Security Platform was originally envisioned as an analysis tool, far superior to two-dimensional models such as the JCATS simulation model currently used in simulating close combat/small unit operations, it was very quickly evident that ADEPT was also the most effective protective force training simulator available. This 3D first-person simulation model allows an entire team of protective force members to work together in an interactive 3D environment, or, an individual can train independently while working with a team of Artificial Intelligence partners (AIs). The role of adversary may be assigned to either human operators working together in a planned attack on a facility or AIs with pre-programmed actions and characteristics. No other training tool available is this powerful in creating such a high level of realism in training while remaining safe and cost effective.

In short, the ADEPT Security Platform provides...

  • Significant schedule acceleration (responsiveness to management needs)
  • Meaningful cost savings " Enhanced safety, and
  • Increased objectivity the security analysis and training processes.


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