Based on off-the-shelf game engine technology. Enables extremely high performance on desktop PCs. Provides for frequent engine improvements, ensuring that the core technology remains state-of-the-art.

First-person 3D visualization. Creates an immersive participant environment.

Third-person 3D visualization. Enables "God mode," giving simulation observers complete environment awareness. Enables presentation support for decision making.

LIDAR-based facility capture. Creates facility models accurate to 0.2 inch (interior structures) and 2.0 inches (exterior terrain).

AI-based characters. Supports single-user (analysis) and multi-user (training and analysis) modes.

Behavioral Modeling. Enables realistic and verifiable proforce, adversary, and civilian behaviors.

Mission recording and playback. Creates enhanced training capabilities.

Plume modeling and structural deformation. Enables the simulation of agent release events and blast effects on structures.

Compute server support. Calculates plume and blast effects not possible on desktop PCs.

SCORM compliance. Enables integration with US federal government standards for e-learning systems.

ADEPT Simulations goes beyond software alone to offer complete security solutions:

Needs Analysis. The ADEPT Simulations management team knows from experience that every client has specific needs that require tailored solutions to be both cost efficient and effective. In the business environment of limited resources, both human and budget related, the investment in time to conduct a user needs analysis pays dividends in effective management and planning.

Solution Definition. Having first defined the problem accurately, the ADEPT Simulations team next defines the solution. Our knowledge and experience with leading edge technologies for detection, delay, and adversary neutralization allows us to define solutions that have the most effective mix of technology, and human resources. Over the long term, human resources are generally the most expensive security asset and therefore technology can be cost effective. Even when up front capital outlay is high the long term payoff requires the balanced approach.

Software Development. The range of threats to our clients assets are broad, from international terrorism, to business intelligence gathering by competitors, to disgruntled employees, to indigenous criminal and cultural interest groups interested in social disruption. The solutions to these varied threats against our clients' complex targets are best derived from software solutions that hold, sort, and analyze vast amounts of data. ADEPT Simulations provides target specific computer modeling of our clients' security assets to structure and present our solution in the most concise and clear way.

Facility Modeling. ADEPT Simulations provides access to state-of-the-art data collection technologies for mapping facility terrain, both interior and exterior space. ADEPT Simulations has employed LIDAR laser light mapping for high speed data gathering and development of terrain files. ADEPT Simulations has also used clients available design drawings and digital photography as data collection tools in facility modeling. ADEPT Simulations applies the most appropriate solutions based upon our clients' needs.

Subject Matter Experts. When the client needs indicate quick response to potential or identified threats, ADEPT has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with significant experience in conducting "table top" vulnerability assessments. The ADEPT SMEs have analyzed complex nuclear weapons production, storage, and transportation facilities, as well as international airports. ADEPT personnel have participated in high level US government SME based Iterative Site Analysis (ISA) processes conducted at world renowned nuclear weapons complex laboratories.

User Training. Training in the use of the ADEPT Security Platform is much more simple for the end user than other analysis tools, such as JTS, JCATS, ASSESS, or ATLAS. However, ADEPT Simulations also provides superior training through classroom and e-learning methodologies. ADEPT partners include CISCO Systems certified training instructors. ADEPT Simulations provides a complete training solution for the employment of the ADEPT Security Platform. The ADEPT Security Platform is also an effective training tool in its own right. In particular, the training of protective forces in securing a facility against a specified threat can be exercised and trained through multiple iterations in real time, or even accelerated time, at low cost, higher safety, and with greater speed and responsiveness to senior managers.

Decision Support. Managers, often our clients, must make significant decisions regarding security protection that can be exceptionally costly in direct security program budgeting, and the impact on the operations of their facilities. Managers need reliable data to make such weighty decisions. The ADEPT Security Platform provides a significant asset to clients in ensuring that important resource decisions are rigorous and valid.

Operational Support. ADEPT team members work closely with our clients at the senior management level, assisting with planning, policy development, and management decision making. The ADEPT team also works closely at the operational level of our client's facilities, training and integrating ADEPT into client operations. It is at the operational level that we often find the greatest insight to the solution to our clients needs. ADEPT management and technical staff have worked with operations personnel at world premier nuclear weapons laboratories, including Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), and are currently preparing to work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


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